Idaho schools becoming a little safer

Idaho schools becoming a little safer

Idaho schools becoming a little safer

Another state is taking steps to protect students in private spaces at public schools.

Both houses of the Idaho Legislature have passed a bill drafted by the Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) that requires males to use male facilities and females to use those set aside for females. Schools also have to provide facilities for children who are confused about their gender.

Conzatti, Blaine (IFPC) Conzatti

"10 years ago, no one would have thought it would be appropriate for a biological male to shower next to a girl after a high school gym class, but that is becoming increasingly common in schools throughout the country, and even here in Idaho," says IFPC President Blaine Conzatti. "We've had several incidents of boys using girls' facilities, and the schools feel like they can't do anything about it because of their policies dealing with gender identity."

Senate Bill No. 1100 also includes an enforcement feature.

"The bill utilizes a civil enforcement mechanism through which a family would bring a lawsuit against the school if the school failed to take reasonable steps to comply with the policy and maintain separate facilities for biological males and biological females," Conzatti details. "That would include $5,000 in statutory damages for each instance in which a child was exposed to a person of the other biological sex while making use of the school facilities."

The bill is on its way to the desk of Governor Brad Little (R) for his signature.