Schools will continue pride events until lawmakers stop them

Schools will continue pride events until lawmakers stop them

Schools will continue pride events until lawmakers stop them

A school district in Texas is once again holding "Pride Week" celebrations, even though state law bans such "sex education."

During the week of March 20-25, the Austin Independent School District (ISD) will celebrate a different LGBTQ theme every day, including "Pride and You — Creative Expression," "Differences are Awesome," and "Local Pride and Spirit Day."

"Every year, to celebrate LGBTQIA+ students, staff and families Austin ISD hosts its own Pride Week, a time to highlight the district's commitment to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment," the district's website states.

Mary Elizabeth Castle of Texas Values says lawmakers need to step up and do something.

Castle, Mary Elizabeth (Texas Values) Castle

"It's definitely time for the state legislature to do something very explicit to make sure that students don't have to be subject to these Pride Weeks and these other celebrations of LGBTQ issues," she submits.

Nearly 75,000 students attend the district's 79 elementary schools, 18 middle schools, and 13 high schools, and Castle points out that every taxpayer in the area – even those who may disagree with Pride Week and what it stands for – is funding the celebration.

"If you live in Austin, then your tax dollars are actually going to fund these inappropriate celebrations at these Austin ISD schools," she asserts.

Last year, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) sent a letter to the school district calling Pride week "sex education" and notifying the school that without parental consent, the celebration is "breaking state law."

"The Texas Legislature has made it clear that when it comes to sex education, parents – not school districts – are in charge," said Paxton in his letter shared to Twitter.

Pride events went on as planned, though police were stationed outside the schools to prevent any interference.

Castle says pride organizers like to target younger students so they can begin indoctrinating them with LGBTQ+ ideology as early as possible.