CRT by any other name is still CRT

CRT by any other name is still CRT

CRT by any other name is still CRT

Though the NEA has undergone some rebranding, a business expert and political commentator says their new teacher training is no different from the leftist doctrines they've long championed.

In addition to its professional development courses, The Daily Caller reports that the National Education Association (NEA) is offering educators a toolkit on "racial justice in education" to aid them in ending "the systemic patterns of racial inequity and injustice." Educators also have access to the "implicit bias, microaggressions, and stereotypes resources" toolkit to teach how to sharpen "racial analysis."

According to the NEA's website, the "Race-Based Trauma Blended Learning Course" is supposed to teach educators to impart the causes and effects of racial trauma to their students. 

Melanie Collette of Project 21 says critical race theory (CRT) is still the gist.

Collette, Melanie (Project 21) Collette

"I don't think that it's going to be really helpful," she says about the course. "I think it puts all black students in a position of being a victim rather than empowering them, and I think that that is a constant problem."

She predicts that all this course will do is take time away from helping teachers teach the core subjects.

"Math, reading, and science are the core subjects that are going to move the ball forward in any community," Collette asserts. "Education is the key to freedom, and so the more well-educated you are, the better you're going to be able to take care of yourself."

The six-week online course begins next week and will account for 15 hours of professional development.