Parents have spoken, and school boards are listening

Parents have spoken, and school boards are listening

Parents have spoken, and school boards are listening

A defender of God's plan for marriage and family is glad to see that three Wisconsin school boards are requiring parents' consent before affirming confused students' "gender identity."

The Daily Caller reports that the Muskego-Norway, Waukesha, and Arrowhead school boards have all adopted policies requiring express permission from parents before school staff may address a student by a new name or opposite-sex pronouns. The first two districts approved the policies unanimously; Arrowhead did so by an 8-1 vote.

According to the Alpha News, the move "reflects a broader revolt against left-wing activists' shaping of public school rules and content," and the new policies are a sharp contrast to recent decisions by education officials in Maine and Oregon to hide children's dysphoria from parents.

Julaine Appling of the Wisconsin Family Council says it is good to see that school boards are hearing parents.

Appling, Juliane (Wisconsin Family Council) Appling

"Parents have spoken, and school boards are beginning to listen," she notes. "Different people got elected to these school boards across the state last spring, and it's beginning to show up."

Though many consider her state to be liberal because of its liberal universities and the fact that the urban areas are often the focus of news stories, Appling says much of Wisconsin is conservative.

"That doesn't mean their school boards are always conservative," she continues, "but these are pretty conservative areas."

Appling hopes more of the 421 school districts across Wisconsin will follow the lead of these three school boards.