Despite worst fears, recent Walsh lecture left none harmed

Despite worst fears, recent Walsh lecture left none harmed

Despite worst fears, recent Walsh lecture left none harmed

Though some claimed they were "hurt," "angry," and "physically sick" because an event featuring Matt Walsh was planned at their university, an editor for a higher-education news website says it's important that conservatives be allowed to speak.

According to bias incident reports acquired through a public records request for complaints made primarily before the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) "What is a Woman" event at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, some students, staff, and professors feared the lecture criticizing gender ideology represented a "hate crime against women" and would promote violence against LGBT individuals.

Matt Lamb of The College Fix is pleased that Walsh was ultimately allowed to speak, and he thinks anyone on campus who tried to prevent the event from happening should have attended and expressed their disagreement with The Daily Wire columnist. He thinks such discussion helps shed light on important issues.

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"Whatever sort of attention Matt Walsh can bring to these problems of gender ideology I think is good, because this is truly evil what's been going on with transgenderism," submits Lamb.

In this case, YAF filed a complaint against the school because a university administrator accused the conservative organization of promoting hate speech.

"That's not really appropriate for a university official to single out a group for criticism," Lamb contends. "She could have simply said, 'They're a group. They have free speech. If you disagree, go and ask them questions or challenge them.' She actually was encouraging hatred of this group."

The event went on as planned, and though some protested outside the venue, Walsh's presentation was well received by those who attended.