Paper trail would reveal truth about 'diversity' offices, says educator

Paper trail would reveal truth about 'diversity' offices, says educator

Paper trail would reveal truth about 'diversity' offices, says educator

Conservative students are being used as punching bags in many liberal colleges – and oftentimes the schools' Offices of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the fist. But one college professor thinks it's time to turn the tables.

"Woke" has become the official policy at many of America's colleges and universities, with their own speech and thought police and enforcement agencies. Offices of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – often referred to as DEI offices – have been consistently used to punish conservatives who misgender or live biblically or wear a red hat.

Dr. Adam Ellwanger is an English professor at University of Houston-Downtown. He argues if that philosophy works for the Left, why not for the Right?

"There's a lot of chances for conservative students to file complaints of their own," Ellwanger explains to AFN. "I think part of the problem is that students – particularly white, Christian, Jewish, male students – are not accustomed to thinking of themselves as an aggrieved class."

Ellwanger, Adam (univ prof) Ellwanger

While logic suggests it shouldn't matter if an aggressor is liberal or conservative, Ellwanger admits complaints from conservative students are likely to be dismissed without consideration, if not mocked as well. So why go through with it?

"Even if their complaints are dismissed out of hand by the DEI office – which is a good possibility – we will, nevertheless, have proof of the ideological bias of these offices," he explains.

The English prof points out that even colleges and their DEI offices have to answer to someone.

"Once it would be hypothetically made public that they just don't take certain complaints seriously," he suggests, "at that point, I think it might draw enough attention that legislatures, state congresses might start to hit the DEI offices where it hurts. And that's in allocations for their budget."

Ellwanger describes himself as Christian and conservative – and according to The College Fix, is no stranger to being the subject of a DEI complaint. Several years ago, he was accused of creating a hostile environment for homosexual students by talking about his family too much. He was eventually cleared.