Truth petitioned as 'hate' by those who hate truth

Truth petitioned as 'hate' by those who hate truth

Truth petitioned as 'hate' by those who hate truth

A family advocate agrees with the parents who are demanding that school board members take responsibility for paving the way for assault and then attempting to cover it up.

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia want more to be done in the case of school Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who lied about the assaults at least to female students suffered from their male classmate who wore a skirt and had access to the girls' restrooms. With a recent grand jury investigation showing the district failed to alert the community of multiple sexual assaults, parents are demanding that school board members resign.

Virginia Cobb, president of The Family Foundation of Virginia, says there needs to be accountability.

Cobb, Victoria (Family Foundation - Virginia) Cobb

"A grand jury had to step in and officially lay out the facts for the parents," she relays. "Now that they have, these parents want heads. I believe that when you put your child under the care of other adults during the school day, they need to be responsible for the decisions they make."

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller reports that several hundred county residents have signed a petition started by 19-year-old Andrew Pihonak, a Loudoun County resident and member of the LGTBTQ community. It calls to "ban hate speech in Loudoun School Board meetings" and was started after a man called homosexuality "immoral" and quoted Mark 9:42 from the Bible during the public comment period of the December 13 board meeting.

Cobb calls the petition an attempt to divert attention away from parental demands.

"This is absolutely coming from those on the Left that don't want to hear the truth spoken at school board meetings," she says. "We see this time and time again."

Petitioners falsely claim that "hate speech" leads to violence, bullying, torturing and killing of "oppressed groups of people." But the Loudoun County parents maintain that their main concern is  the safety of their children.