School board asked to consider common sense

School board asked to consider common sense

School board asked to consider common sense

Concerned parents, grandparents, and clergymen in Ohio are standing up to a woke school board and are beginning to gain traction.

Without notifying the public, the Shelby City School District reportedly implemented a rule -- based on the Biden administration's change in the Title IX policy -- that allows boys to use female restrooms. As a result, several incidents have occurred, compelling a record number of residents to show up at last week's school board meeting to voice their outrage.

Bishop Tony Cooper, lead pastor of Life Church, was there.

Cooper, Tony (Life Church) Cooper

"We shared with them that … the courts have said that it is not a set up rule for every place," he reports. "Plus, in the state of Ohio, our attorney general is -- along with some other attorneys general -- suing our government for these rulings and regulations they're making for our schools."

In a letter addressed to Superintendent Tim Tarvin, a coalition of pastors points out that "allowing some students to have special privilege at the expense of the physical welfare of other students is unfair and misguided."

Additionally, the state school board has recommended that local schools reject the policy, as it places girls in possible danger.

But the Shelby board has so far taken no action. School Board President Lorie White told those in attendance at the meeting that the board must "make decisions based on things beyond our personal convictions" and noted that "there are no plans to change the process now."

"We want to work with your cisgender students as well as our transgender students," White added.

"I do have two of the school boards … wanting to meet with me and the pastors and the community," Cooper relays, "so we're going to keep pursuing this until we become victorious."

He says he can see that the school board wants to keep children safe, but he also points out that it does not make moral or ethical sense to retain the policy.

Cooper has told school board members that if they cannot measure up to what is genuinely best for the kids, then they should resign and make room on the board for people who will fight off the federal rule.