Some major election victories were overlooked

Some major election victories were overlooked

Some major election victories were overlooked

Conservatives may not have had the success they wanted in federal and statewide elections this year, but school board elections were a different story.

Moms for Liberty had a big impact in 2022. Co-founder Tina Descovich says their chapters endorsed more than 500 candidates, 80% of whom were first-time candidates.

"We had well over a 50% win rate. We flipped boards completely [and saw] some amazing stories out of different places around the country," she tells AFN. "In South Carolina in Charleston, we took five seats and flipped the board. In Berkeley, South Carolina – six seats [and] flipped the board. They took their positions five days later, sat on the dais, got sworn in, fired the superintendent, [and] banned critical race theory (CRT)."

Florida was another state that saw a lot of school board changes.

"We put a little money behind the 65 candidates, and we had an 80% win rate," Descovich shares. "So, it was just a really great night for school board races across the country."

Those wins may not grab headlines or turn into television news segments, but Descovich – a former school board member in Brevard County, Florida – says they matter because "our children are the future of our country."

Descovich, Tina (Moms for Liberty) Descovich

"They've been controlled by leftist ideology for decades," she says of school boards. "The teachers' unions have been running candidates for decades and getting them elected; they have fought to have school board races on off nights and in different times of the year, and that's done intentionally so that the unions – which are very well organized – can get their people elected to the school board."

But the Moms for Liberty co-founder asserts that parents are now awake, and her organization and other like-minded ones have no intention of resting following their recent wins.

"We all know, [those of us who] have followed politics a long time, that as soon as they get elected, something changes," Descovich notes. "So we absolutely plan on holding them accountable."

Moms for Liberty chapters plan to have meetings every month, attend school board meetings, and go over school board agendas. Their mission, Descovich says, is to have a Moms for Liberty member at all 13,000 school district school board meetings "from now until the end of time" so that the liberal teachers' unions never have control over them again.