New superintendent to bring sanity back to education

New superintendent to bring sanity back to education

New superintendent to bring sanity back to education

A communications expert says the result of a recent election has given parents in Arizona a renewed confidence that improvements are coming to public education.

Cindy Dahlgren, director of communications for the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), tells AFN parents were concerned about what their children were being taught in public schools, and they reacted on election day by voting for Republican Tom Horne. He defeated incumbent Democrat Kathy Hoffman, who served as superintendent of public instruction.

"I think [it] tells us a lot about what parents, and also grandparents, think about the radical grooming curriculum pushed by some in the education business," says Dahlgren. "Many expect Horne will shut down the sexuality-based agenda that has infiltrated education, and he will respect parental rights, which was a big issue in this election."

Dahlgren, Cindy (Center for Arizona Policy) Dahlgren

The CAP spokeswoman points out that Hoffman had no qualms about setting up the Q Chat Space -- an online discussion platform that, as AFN has reported, is operated in part by Planned Parenthood and goes into all types of sexual behaviors, the occult, and other topics and allows students to chat with adults about sexuality behind parents' backs -- "including polyamorous relationships, same-sex relationships, [and] transgenderism."

"The Q Chat even had a quick escape button for children to push if their parents walked in," Dahlgren adds. "Pushing it would quickly bring up a clean page so parents couldn't see what their kids were doing."

Horne is expected to put into action a plan to reverse the superintendent's radical pro-LGBTQ+ approach and introduce sanity to the educational system.