Trans kids can identify as 'vampire cat' in California because why not?

Trans kids can identify as 'vampire cat' in California because why not?

Trans kids can identify as 'vampire cat' in California because why not?

A California-based teacher says her normal and moral views on sexuality and childhood innocence are becoming more and more rare in the asylum-like state, where video surfaced recently of a teacher bragging she teaches 5-year-olds about gender expression.

According to a Fox News story, it obtained video from a 2021 teachers conference in which child development teacher Danita McCray described her “age-appropriate” content in the classroom, which includes using a “gender unicorn” as a teaching tool.

The purpose of the workshop, McCray tells fellow teachers, is to “provide you with positive strategies to support transgender and gender non-conforming children.”

At one point, Fox says, McCray is asked by a teacher if toddlers are too young for classroom discussions.

"I've done research. I have got my doctorate degree,” McCray replies. “Children are not too young at five years old. Children understand gender as early as three years old."

“This is getting absolutely insane,” warns Brenda Lebsack, a woke-fighting California school teacher who uses her website Brenda4Kids.com to warn unsuspecting California parents about the sickening indoctrination.

Reached by AFN after the Fox News story published, Lebsack describes a public school system that has embraced the transgender craze with library books about pronouns and “crisis hotlines” for young children.

To test one of those hotlines, she recently posed as an 11-year-old girl on a “Crisis Textline” to talk live to a teen counselor.

“I said that I wanted to identify as a vampire cat,” Lebsack recalls. “These are teens counseling teens, and the teen counselor affirmed me as a vampire cat.”

In that texting conversation, which Lebsack documented, a teen counselor named Rose is told by the 11-year-old “girl” she is scared about being “stuck” as a girl when puberty hits. The counselor reassures Lebsack “gender identity is something can always change,” even if she is older.

Lebsack, Brenda Lebsack

“What if a want to identify as a vampire cat?” Lebsack inquires. “Those are two of my favorite things!”

“You can identify however you want to identify!” the counselor helpfully advises. “Gender identity is something that can constantly change for a person, so I feel like you can choose how you identify based on how you feel.”

Such a jaw-dropping response from a crisis hotline demonstrates the transgender-crazy movement Lebsack is warning about: No imaginary gender is too far, and no age is too young, and the only bad people are parents and teachers who object.

Back in that teachers conference, McCray says there is a limit to what is allowed in class. She advised her audience she will “shut that down” if any young child in class repeats what they have learned at home about boys and girls.

“I don’t allow the children to do that,” she advised.