School shooting only part of the reason for coming renovations

School shooting only part of the reason for coming renovations

School shooting only part of the reason for coming renovations

A promoter of core values in Texas says the state Legislative Budget Board has authorized nearly $875 million for public safety in response to a number of security concerns.

$400 million will assist public schools in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, and communications. Mary Elizabeth Castle, director of government relations for Texas Values, says the renovations are happening "not just because of different events of violence happening, but also because of what kids are reading in school libraries, even with the instance of boys being in girls' locker rooms."

"A lot of parents have been very concerned for a long time," she adds.

Castle also notes that many believe the Robb Elementary School shooting could have been prevented had school officials paid attention to school security policies.

"There is a lot more attention on schools in how we protect our kids," the Texas Values spokeswoman notes. "This will definitely be a big issue in the next legislative session."

Castle, Mary Elizabeth (Texas Values) Castle

In addition to the $400 million going to the school districts, the Legislative Budget Board's plan provides $15 million to assist in the construction of a new elementary school in Uvalde. An architectural firm and construction company in Texas will donate their services and waive all fees for the design and construction of the new school, according to Fox News.

$339 million will go to the Texas Military Department for continued border security activities related to Operation Lone Star, $20.6 million to support other state agencies to continue responding to the border crisis, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management will receive $100 million for COVID-19 response expenses.

Breitbart reports that the need for additional funding for border security operations comes as the Biden administration recently reported back-to-back record years in illegal border crossing apprehensions.