Public education should be a top priority

Public education should be a top priority

Public education should be a top priority

The press secretary for a conservative policy advocacy organization says everyone – whether they have children in school or children at all – should care about what kids are being taught in public schools.

Carson Steelman of Heritage Action, the political arm of The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., thinks "every single citizen should want the next generation of leaders, of American citizens, to be educated and not indoctrinated in public schools."

Steelman, Carson (Heritage Action) Steelman

"This is something that matters not only for your kids that you have at home, but also for the next generation of our American society," she tells AFN. "This is something that should matter to everybody – every parent, grandparent, concerned citizen, [and] neighbor."

With that in mind, Heritage Action launched the Save Our Schools campaign in 2021. It is a one-stop resource for parents and concerned activists looking for ways to keep critical race theory (CRT) out of the classroom.

Steelman recalls that after COVID, parents began to see what their children were being taught in schools, and "they didn't like that," but they also did not have a say. The latter is no longer the case.

In more recent months, for example, other groups like 1776 Project PAC and the American Principles Project have been funding a variety of school board campaigns to combat left-wing ideology in classrooms.

"It should be one of the top priorities for parents across the country," Steelman reiterates.