Harvey sees what NEA is up to

Harvey sees what NEA is up to

Harvey sees what NEA is up to

A former advertising executive who became a Christian after years of being "part of the problem" says a new initiative from the NEA that promises safety and community for kids is really intended to further the homosexual agenda.

The National Education Association (NEA) LGBTQ+ Caucus' "I'm HERE" initiative is a badge that can be worn by teachers to "tell everyone that you are a safe person with whom to discuss LGBTQ+ issues," the website states.

Promising support and safety for students may sound great, but Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, tells AFN the badge campaign is intended to further the homosexual agenda. Along with the printed message "I'm HERE," LifeSiteNews.com reports that the badge also includes a QR code that leads users to an explicit website.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"They want people to believe that it is safe to identify as homosexual or transgender, and you will have instant friends and instant community," Harvey responds. "This lures in a lot of very vulnerable, impressionable kids that might not be interested in [the homosexual lifestyle] at all."

Meanwhile in The Buckeye State, which is where Harvey lives, the Ohio Teachers Union is lobbying for anti-family and pro-LGBTQ positions on bills at the state House.

"They're violating the code that teachers are not supposed to use their position for lobbying," the Mission America president points out. "They don't really care about the rules. They have a lot of power; they know they have the NEA's backing."

Harvey adds that while teachers are not required to wear the NEA badges, anyone who chooses not to is labeled as "unsafe" by default.

After a school district in Ohio received various opinions regarding the voluntary use of the badges, as of September 12, teachers choosing to wear them were told to cover up the QR code.