Teachers are taught to indoctrinate, says former educator

Teachers are taught to indoctrinate, says former educator

Teachers are taught to indoctrinate, says former educator

According to a cultural issues writer, public school teachers have long been trained to be "deceitful, depraved dogmatists."

Though individual cases of activist teachers deceiving and indoctrinating kids occasionally get spotlighted in the news, the Illinois Family Institute's Laurie Higgins, who recently wrote an op-ed on the subject, says the practice has actually been commonplace throughout the country for years.

She does not think anyone should be shocked to hear, for instance, of third-grade teacher Nicholas Cosme, a 25-year-old man who "paints his nails like a woman does—and is teaching eight-year-old boys" in his class at Elmwood Elementary School in Naperville, Illinois to do likewise.

"It's the departments of education, colleges and universities, or the schools of education that teach teachers, that train teachers — they are controlled by leftists and have been for decades," Higgins relays.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

Her op-ed also makes note of a story from Paterson Elementary School in Fleming Island, Florida, where last January, parents Wendell and Maria Perez were called following their 12-year-old daughter's second suicide attempt in two days. They soon learned that school counselor Destiney Washington had been secretly meeting with their daughter for months and facilitating her social transition at school.

Speaking as a former teacher, Higgins says professional development training plays a part in the indoctrination of public school teachers, who are very susceptible to leftist ideology and "believe that the minds, hearts, bodies, and wills of other people's children belong to them."

"So, for parents who have kids in school now or will have kids in school in the next decade, public school are not going to be the places for you to have your children," Higgins asserts.

"Parents, get your kids out of public schools, pronto. And churches, help make that possible," she implores.