Schools no longer 'sacrosanct'

Schools no longer 'sacrosanct'

Schools no longer 'sacrosanct'

With the "defund the police" mentality having crept its way into a Colorado high school, a cultural analyst reminds parents to always be on guard.

During a student assembly last month, Denver South High School reportedly showed "Don't Be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks."

Christian commentator and author Janice Crouse says the video -- which claims, among other things, that law enforcement officers have been trained to see people of color as criminals -- is being used to further a political agenda.

Crouse, Janice (CWA) Crouse

"They want to perpetuate this racism, and they want to denigrate the police," she asserts. "The second big problem I see with this is they see police as attackers. They see police as the people who are perpetuating violence."

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Denver South's principal has defended the video to parents, saying it was intended to "provide empowerment for people who may witness these types of attacks." A spokesman for the school later admitted that the video, produced by the liberal Barnard Center for Research on Women, was not vetted prior to the assembly.

Crouse responds by saying parents must be on guard to keep such indoctrination out of their schools.

"The schools … used to be sacrosanct," the cultural analyst recalls. "They focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic. And now they focus on racism, victimhood, and political correctness."

The video also claims that police target "gender non-conforming folks and Muslims" and instructs students to "avoid the police," who "often treat victims as perpetrators of violence."

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen denies that any such training exists in his department or anywhere else in the state or in the nation.