In uproar over curriculum, Virginia's former guv said to be culprit

In uproar over curriculum, Virginia's former guv said to be culprit

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (pictured) is being defended amid an uproar of proposed changes to history textbooks in the state. 

In uproar over curriculum, Virginia's former guv said to be culprit

Virginia’s first-term Republican governor is being defended as an innocent bystander after plans surfaced to alter history textbooks, a plan that angered parents who are already frustrated by far-left activism.


According to a Fox News story, the Virginia Board of Education has postponed a public hearing amid public uproar when the public learned a textbook draft drops the phrase “father of our country” in a description of George Washington. In a similar section, James Madison is no longer described as the “father of the Constitution” in the draft.

Amid that well-justified uproar, Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia tells AFN those changes began under Ralph Northam. The term-limited former Democrat, she says, oversaw and approved that left-wing activism in the purplish state that is now red.

According to the Fox News story, revisions to history and social studies curriculum began under Northam in 2015, when his administration reached out to far-left groups for consultation and advice. Washington,  Madison, and all historic figures from that era are hated by such groups. 

"And now there's a new sheriff in town,” Cobb says, referring to first-term Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, who partly owes his win last year to irate, fed-up parents across the state.

Cobb, Victoria (Family Foundation - Virginia) Cobb

The same Fox story said the Virginia Dept. of Education has called the planned omissions an “inadvertent” error, which could mean liberal bureaucrats in that state agency attempted to sneak in the changes without being noticed.

Cobb credits five new members of the Virginia Board of Education members for halting the changes that have angered the state’s parents.

Elizabeth McCauley, a parent and leader of a parent-led activist group, also told Fox News those five new board members deserve credit for “putting the brakes” on the history curriculum.