Farmington to become 'breeding ground' for anti-family reprogramming

Farmington to become 'breeding ground' for anti-family reprogramming

Farmington to become 'breeding ground' for anti-family reprogramming

The founder of a Christian youth organization expects a school district in Michigan will implement an outside consulting group's suggested measures aimed at breaking down the family.

AFN previously reported that Farmington Public Schools in Greater Detroit had hired US2 Consulting to perform an educational audit to assess pedagogy, curriculum, policies, and procedures.

The district was told that teachers who resisted diversity, equity, and inclusion should be reprogrammed. And according to the consultants, "systemic familialism," or assumptions that reveal prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis or assumption of family structure, was to blame for many of the district's issues.

James Muffett of the Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI), a youth organization that aims to transfer "our Judeo-Christian heritage to future generations by training young people to be effective leaders and ambassadors for Christ," says it is all part of the breakdown of the family.

"The traditional family – a mom and a dad and kids – they called that systemic familialism, which is a pejorative term to say that's so outdated; that is so wrong," Muffett explains.

US2 also recommends teaching alternate history like the 1619 Project, which reframes US history as revolving around slavery. Additionally, the consultants disparage Christianity as exploitative.

Muffett, James (SSI) Muffett

"They're recommending that [Farmington] change the curriculum to accommodate that and a derogatory view of history having to do with Christianity and the nuclear family," the SSI founder relays.

US2's website lists other privileges or "-isms" like "Saneism," or privilege because of one's mental health, "Lookism," or privilege because one is physically attractive, and "Intellectual privilege," which is discrimination based on intelligence.

The school district spent $75,000 on the consultants, and Muffett believes Farmington will likely accept and implement all of US2's recommendations, though they have not yet publicly committed to that.

"They are by any means going to push that agenda on all of America," Muffett warns. "That's what's going on, and our public schools are the breeding ground for that."