Parents sway school board decision

Parents sway school board decision

Parents sway school board decision

A pro-family organization applauds a group of parents in Southern California for convincing their local school board to keep Planned Parenthood from setting up shop at their kids' high school.


Board members of the Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District had originally planned to take a vote at a July meeting to give Planned Parenthood the green light. But Greg Burt of the California Family Council says the attendance of hundreds of protestors changed things.

"Parents protested, said that this is not an appropriate place for an abortion clinic, and they objected," he tells AFN. "Many parents came forward and said, 'Please do not do this,' and surprisingly, the school board listened to them."

Burt, Greg (California Family Council) Burt

If the board had voted in favor of the new facility, staff would have been able to write prescriptions and offer drugs or long-term contraceptives like IUDs. For now, they claim that the clinic would not perform abortions or transgender cross-sex hormone therapy. Instead, staff would refer students to other Planned Parenthood locations "for additional medical or other healthcare services where indicated."

The vote, however, has been delayed. But as thousands of parents are pulling their kids out of public schools, Burt is unsure how many concerned parents will be left to likewise sway the board vote on the matter in the future.

"Schools can't survive without students; that's where they get their money," he points out. "If parents continue to come out like they are to protest, I believe there could be a huge change, but it's all up to the parents."

The proposal states that the on-campus clinic will "encourage students to involve their families in decision making." But as it will still be able to provide services to minors without parental consent or notification because of California's liberal consent laws, Burt's organization believes taxpayers and parents should be deeply concerned.

Planned Parenthood is on a quest to open 50 locations at schools throughout the Los Angeles Basin. So far, the abortion provider has opened five.