School district 'going out on a limb' for masks

School district 'going out on a limb' for masks

School district 'going out on a limb' for masks

The founder of a parent group says the San Diego Unified School District is ignoring the lead of the state and is opening itself up to liability.

Even though California officials recently decided not to re-impose mask mandates for the children going back to the state's schools, the San Diego school district claims it is simply trying to follow CDC guidelines. But Sharon McKeeman, founder of Let Them Breathe, does not buy that.

McKeeman, Sharon (founder, Let Them Breathe) McKeeman

"They are going out on a limb. They're opening themselves up to liability," she responds. "If they exclude any students, they're violating their rights under the California Education Code and the California Constitution. And the CDC recommendation is just that; it's only a recommendation."

McKeeman is running for the school board in her district, as are likeminded parents who do not believe their school boards are acting in the best interest of students.

"I'm running for Carlsbad School Board District 1," she notes. "Becca Williams [is] running for San Diego Unified folks there. We have an Oceanside Unified candidate, Allyson Mineau. So, that's just a handful."

She describes her own platform as "simple" and "commonsense" and submits that "in this day and age, it's crazy" that putting kids first is considered a "revolutionary platform."