Weingarten's comparing apples to oranges

Weingarten's comparing apples to oranges

Weingarten's comparing apples to oranges

An educator disagrees with the head of the nation's largest teachers union's argument that if teachers can be trusted with guns, then they can be trusted to decide what kids learn in their classrooms.

Pandering to her leftist base and promoting her radical agenda, Breitbart News reports American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten made the following statement at an anti-gun rally in Washington, DC, on June 11:

"The same folks who say we should carry a gun in the classroom, they are the ones who are saying they don't trust us to pick out the appropriate books and curriculum for our nation's kids. So I ask these politicians this: If we have the judgment to shoot a bad guy, why don’t we have the judgment to plan our lessons?"

Melanie Collette of Project 21 says Weingarten's comparison is illogical.

Collette, Melanie (Project 21) Collette

"There certainly is no connection between carrying a lethal weapon to protect yourself in a classroom and determining what you will present to students as truth in the classroom," she argues.

However, Collette does somewhat agree with Weingarten on the subject of arming teachers.

"I'm not sure that teachers should have guns in the classroom, as a classroom teacher myself of many years," she begins. "If teachers are comfortable with guns, and they want to carry, I say absolutely; go for it."

Collette believes Weingarten's remarks were intended to push back against the growing number of parents who want a greater say in what their children are being taught in the nation's public schools.