Biden brushes off school safety report

Biden brushes off school safety report

Biden brushes off school safety report

An education analyst is questioning why President Joe Biden's response to the mass murder of students in Uvalde, Texas has not included a school safety report that the Trump administration put together.

While the Biden administration has shelved an extensive report from the Trump era on school safety, Jonathan Butcher of The Heritage Foundation says the president has no viable alternatives.

Butcher, Jonathan (Heritage) Butcher

"Many of the observers who have seen the president's response to what happened in Texas have said that it is lacking in detail," Butcher notes. "He has general pronouncements about how he wants to regulate gun ownership, but he has said virtually nothing about what he would do to improve school safety."

Butcher thinks rejecting the school safety report that surveyed numerous towns and local schools shows a great of disregard for the American taxpayer.

"I think that is really disregarding what taxpayers around the country have said about this really crucial issue of how to keep schools safe," he submits.

Butcher says taxpayers and families should be able to expect more from their president than denouncing ideas simply because they were developed under prior leadership.