'Horrified' parents discovering 'wonderful world of homeschooling'

'Horrified' parents discovering 'wonderful world of homeschooling'

'Horrified' parents discovering 'wonderful world of homeschooling'

A new documentary from Kirk Cameron aims to promote the "homeschool awakening" by encouraging parents to embrace the opportunity to lead their kids through their educational journey.

The evangelical Christian actor tells AFN homeschooling is "a pretty hot topic on the internet right now" and says there is a great awakening of parents who are realizing what their children have been learning in public schools.

He acknowledges that the role of a teacher is a noble profession.

Cameron, Kirk Cameron

"My father is a public school teacher, and so were my grandparents. But good teachers are not in control of what public schools are teaching their students," he adds. "Parents, because of the pandemic, have seen through their kids' computers what they've been learning, and they're just horrified. As a result, they're pulling their kids out of public schools, and many of them are discovering the wonderful world of homeschooling, which brings freedom and flexibility and faith back into their kids' educational journey, and it is causing their families to flourish."

Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening is in theaters June 13th and 14th, and Cameron recommends that everyone see it, whether they are for homeschooling, skeptical of homeschooling, or just curious about it.

"We're going to follow 17 families across America who are living in cities or on farms, in suburban areas," he details. "These are white families, black families, musical families, entrepreneurial families -- families that make it work with their own schedules."

Cameron says homeschooling can work for any family.

"You have the opportunity as their parents to shape their future by controlling the leadership role of their educational journey, and 'Homeschool Awakening' will show you how that works for lots of families and how you can do it for yours," he concludes.