And so it goes in America's gov't-run schools

And so it goes in America's gov't-run schools

And so it goes in America's gov't-run schools

A pro-life/pro-family attorney says what's happening at a Los Angeles-area high school is a "classic example" of government schools putting themselves above parents.

A school in the Los Angeles Unified School District is promoting an organization on its website that provides abortion resources for teens. Among the resources it lists for its students, Van Nuys High School includes the "Sex, etc." website, which points out that students don't even need parental permission for an abortion as of this July when a new state law takes effect.

AFN spoke with Brad Dacus of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute.

"This is a classic example of the ideology of so many in government schools and public education to think that they know what's best for the students instead of their parents," says the attorney.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

The Sex, etc. website also advises teens not to use their parents' health insurance for any pregnancy-related visits, thereby avoiding the parents' detection.

"Fortunately," says Dacus, "there are a number of states, particularly Red states, that have adopted legislation or are in the process of adopting legislation that protects parental rights and requires parental consent or parental notice on matters as sensitive as these."

The school-endorsed website also warns students against seeking help from crisis pregnancy centers because they'll "discourage" students from getting an abortion – and accuses those centers of trying to confuse pregnant teens by setting up near Planned Parenthood locations.

Breitbart points out that Sex, etc. is a project of Rutgers University.