Noticeable shift continues

Noticeable shift continues

Noticeable shift continues

A cultural issues writer says Wheaton College continues to prove that it is turning away from evangelicalism and venturing further to the left.

Earlier this year, the Illinois Family Institute's Laurie Higgins accused the Chicago-area university of "really woking up" after it removed a plaque honoring missionaries Jim Elliot and Ed McCully (both Wheaton alumni) because it described as "savage" the South American tribe that brutally murdered the two men and three other missionaries in 1956.

Now the campus welcomes Professor Jayachitra Lalitha, dean of the women's studies at a seminary in South India. She claims science has proven the existence of 28 gender identities.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

"I can't imagine that anyone who has concluded there are scientifically proven 28 genders … is anything except a far leftist," Higgins tells AFN.

She says she feels obligated to write articles addressing Wheaton's orthodox decline because parents need to know about it before they decide to send their children there for Christian education.

"There's no good leadership at Wheaton College, and I think it's going to take a new president with some backbone and wisdom to come in and change the direction Wheaton is moving," Higgins submits.

Higgins' own children attended and graduated from Wheaton when they were college age. And though its website still describes the school as an "explicitly Christian, academically rigorous" liberal arts college, the cultural issues writer disagrees.