Another belated parents' rights bills creates left-wing fury in Ohio

Another belated parents' rights bills creates left-wing fury in Ohio

Another belated parents' rights bills creates left-wing fury in Ohio

Republican lawmakers in Ohio have introduced a bill modeled after the Florida parental rights law, which is drawing howls of protest and claims of racism, but a conservative activist is praising the legislation for putting power in the hands of parents.

Linda Harvey of Mission: America says the bill, if it becomes law, would clamp down on classroom indoctrination by suspending the offending teacher and by withholding state funds from the woke public school district.

"It's a really solid bill in the way in presents both the prohibition to teach early childhood lessons on sexual orientation or gender identity,” she advises, “but it also tackles the divisive racial teaching that's out there."

TV news station WTRF reported in April the legislation, House Bill 616, created a “firestorm” in the legislation because it explicitly bans Critical Race Theory and the discredited 1619 Project from public schools.

After years of indoctrinating students under the noses of their parents, the bill has certainly put left-wing school districts on defense. According to The Cincinnati Inquirer, the school board for Cincinnati Schools passed a resolution stating the legislation contradicts "equity" and "anti-racism" policies in the school district. But those race-based buzzwords only confirm to parents and legislators the district is defending tenets of CRT. 

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

A spokesperson for Mason City Schools called the legislation an example of legislators "searching for a problem that simply doesn't exist," except that claim is no longer believed by irate parents and by determined legislators, either. 

In a statement, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said the bill “certainly merits a conversation about what an appropriate role schools play in teaching these children, and what role parents should have in what is being taught to their children.”

The bill is predictably opposed by the teachers unions, the Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Federation of Teachers.

Harvey says the Left is likely upset because the bill puts power in the hands of parents.

"It gives parents a right to file a cause of action against the school district, or a teacher,” she tells AFN, “and then get a fair hearing on that if the provisions of the bill are violated."