Project 21 praises anti-woke Florida, warns race-obsessed Left won't quit

Project 21 praises anti-woke Florida, warns race-obsessed Left won't quit

Project 21 praises anti-woke Florida, warns race-obsessed Left won't quit

A black conservative group is the latest to applaud Florida’s governor for publicly denouncing textbook publishers who are indoctrinating innocent children with race-based propaganda sprinkled in fractions, division, and word problems.

A whopping 54 of 132 math textbooks were rejected by the Florida Dept. of Education after research revealed they contain tenets of Critical Race Theory, the controversial legal theory about racism that suggests white people are racist and oppressive.

"It seems that some publishers attempted to slap a coat of paint on an old house built on the foundation of Common Core, and indoctrinating concepts like race essentialism, especially, bizarrely, for elementary school students," Gov. Ron DeSantis said last week in a statement.

"What we've seen is obviously a systematic attempt by these publishers to infiltrate our children's education by inviting topics such as Critical Race Theory [into] things that have nothing to do with math," Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nunez, also a Republican, told the "Fox & Friends" program last week.

Steven Mosely, a church pastor and member of Project 21, tells AFN the state took action after legislators passed a bill banning CRT-related indoctrination of children in the classroom. It would be naïve, he adds, to assume the new state law will silence determined left-wing teachers in the state.  

Hill, Mike (Project 21) Hill

"If you have people who are educating your children, who do not align with the governor, which many of them don't,” he says, “then you're still going to have them teaching this worldview to your child though they won't be using a textbook to do so."

In a related comment, fellow Project 21 member Mike Hill warns the Right is witnessing a “full-court press” by the Left to infect the education system, politics, sports, the media, and entertainment with tenets of the Marxist-based Critical Race Theory. There is a good but nefarious reason, he says, they are pushing hard. 

“The left has rejected the moral and religious foundation on which our nation was formed and built,” he summarized. “Our Constitution is framed in championing the rights of the individual and not artificially placing people in groups based on skin color or sex.”