Wearing down stubborn school districts

Wearing down stubborn school districts

Wearing down stubborn school districts

A grassroots parent group continues to make headway in the fight against mandatory masking and vaccinations in California public schools.

Having successfully sued the San Diego Unified School District, Let Them Breathe has now filed suit against Granada Hills and New West Charter Schools, which are trying to exclude unvaccinated students.

McKeeman, Sharon (founder, Let Them Breathe) McKeeman

"These schools don't have the authority to put forward mandates that are outside of the state's mandate," asserts Sharon McKeeman, founder of California-based Let Them Breathe. "They definitely don't have the right to keep kids out of school."

Even though the court ruled against San Diego Unified, McKeeman says district officials have not conceded.

"We got a ruling against their vaccine mandate, but they're using taxpayer dollars to appeal and try and go ahead and push their vaccine mandate through, which would, again, exclude students from their education," she details.

Meanwhile, because of parental outrage, State Senator Richard Pan (D) has pulled his bill that would have put the COVID-19 vaccine on the list of required childhood vaccinations. Also, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is delaying his mask mandate until next summer.