Parents push for sex education revisions

Parents push for sex education revisions

Parents push for sex education revisions

A conservative advocate is glad to see parents in New Jersey are fighting the public schools' efforts to indoctrinate little children with inappropriate gender identity ideology.

According to Fox News, Governor Phil Murphy (D) is being met with increasing pushback now that specifics of the curriculum are coming to light. Even so, Shawn Hyland of the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey is skeptical when the governor says he will "entertain" changes if he hears from enough parents.

Hyland, Shawn (Family Policy Alliance of NJ) Hyland

"We don't take him seriously on changing these standards because he has already heard from tens of thousands of parents over the past 12 to 18 months who object to these learning standards," Hyland explains.

But he is hopeful the lessons can be modified to be more age-appropriate before they are implemented in K-12th grade classrooms this fall. The teaching standards were established in 2020 but not required to be enacted until September 2022.

"There's a lot of public pressure from the bottom up calling on our state Department of Education and Governor Murphy to revise these standards and make them appropriate," the conservative says.

He adds that the one upside to the agenda having swung so far to the left is that it has compelled parents to fight back.