Educators worming around the law

Educators worming around the law

Educators worming around the law

According to a media watchdog's undercover investigation, public schools are still teaching CRT, despite laws prohibiting the indoctrination.

A teacher in Nampa, Idaho, for example, told Accuracy in Media (AIM) undercover reporters that she cannot teach critical race theory (CRT) anymore, but she can and does teach the exact same thing hidden beneath clever rhetoric.

"It's all the mental health," the unnamed teacher revealed. "It's just all the different words you have to use. We're just learning how to worm around all of those weird things that are out there.”

Guillette, Adam (AIM) Guillette

According to AIM President Adam Guillette, that is what they saw repeatedly, even in Republican states.

"What we saw consistently in rural areas in Republican states is that even though it's against the law to teach critical race theory in the places where we went, these administrators, and presumably the teachers as well, do not care and are unwavering in their desire to push racist, Marxist ideas into the classroom," Guillette relays.

He says the disregard for the law is a display of some public school teachers' thinking that it is their job to raise others people's kids.

"They think they're doing the world of service by ignoring the law and doing what's right in pushing these ideas that are illegal, immoral, unethical, and inaccurate," Guillette submits.

The AIM president believes the solution is to give parents complete control over where their kids attend school.

"The solution is school choice. I don't care whether it's vouchers, charter schools, education savings accounts. Parents who don't want to have to deal with this deserve other opportunities," he concludes.