Dismantling 'whiteness' sounds like a Marxist goal

Dismantling 'whiteness' sounds like a Marxist goal

Dismantling 'whiteness' sounds like a Marxist goal

A conservative author says two professors at Seattle Pacific University are proving that liberals see race in and before everything.

Vince Ellison of Project 21 says Amy Robertson and W. Tali Hairston's contention that "whiteness" is in introductory physics and showing up in classroom interaction is straight out of the communist/Marxist playbook.

Ellison, Vince (Project 21) Ellison

"They see race in everything," he submits. "They don't see us as individuals. Conservatives see people as individuals, and their group is second. A liberal will see me and a Democrat will see me as a black man, then I'm Vince Ellison."

The professors hope their work contributes to Critical Whiteness Studies' goal to dismantle whiteness; Ellison says Seattle Pacific and most other schools have become indoctrination centers.

"I would tell any parent to get their children out of government education, to send them to a school that reflects their values," he tells American Family News. "If we start doing that and these elitist, crazy, left-wing schools start losing students, you'll see them change their ways."

According to RedState, Hairston and Robertson say physics has come a long way since Isaac Newton. "Priorities have been improved: Who cares what an apple does, when the fruit of America is white supremacy?"