Whistleblowing teacher blows lid on indoctrination in Ohio

Whistleblowing teacher blows lid on indoctrination in Ohio

Whistleblowing teacher blows lid on indoctrination in Ohio

Thanks to a whistle-blowing teacher, a conservative activist-writer reports school staff in her home state of Ohio are being forced to sit through science-denying indoctrination about gender and common sense, and they are being warned that showing they care means going along with the gender fantasy.

According to Linda Harvey, who leads Mission: America, she learned that Hilliard City Schools recently hosted two “professional development” workshops led by a lesbian named Amanda. The speaker-trainer praised children for embracing new pronouns and new genders, and she warned teachers they must abide by these new sets of fantasy-like rules or risk harming youths with their intolerance.  

Parents, viewed as enemies, will have final say on Election Day

Bob Kellogg, AFN

A California school is being accused of helping students hide their gender identity from their parents. 

Fremont High School in Oakland has a "transition closet" that allows trans students, when arriving at school, to change into clothing that corresponds to their gender identity without their parents ever knowing.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute tells AFN that policy not only undermines parents but is "harmful and damaging" to the children who are supposedly being helped by their gender-affirming teachers. 

The sponsor of the "closet" is oddly Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

California Family Council has called the secretive practice "completely inappropriate and deceitful."

Despite the secrecy and deceit, Dacus predicts parents will let their feelings be known on Election Day, when far-left school board members across the country are booted because parents have had enough.

"We expect parents' rights to be a major issue in the upcoming midterm elections," he tells AFN, "and we expect a revolutionary turnover in school board members."  

According to Harvey, Amanda represents an LGBT-affirming facility known as the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, based in Columbus.

“And they are designed by people promoting homosexuality and gender confusion,” she says, referring to the center, “to attract confused kids who think they might be interested in those lifestyles."

The website for Kaleidoscope says the center trained more than 2,000 professionals, including teachers, in 2020, the most recent year published on the website. 

 “Understand that the non-binary kid who comes to talk to you,” Amanda lectured Hilliard teachers, “has a totally different worldview of gender, and that’s okay.”

Actually, in reality, many teachers in attendance likely don’t think it’s “okay” for Amanda to force professional educators to pretend “pansexual” is a real thing or that using “neo-pronouns” shows teachers care about their students.

But the Marxist-like indoctrination at Hilliard left no room for pushback, or even timid questioning, and Harvey has learned teachers have been punished by school administrators if they fail to use the made-up pronouns students demand.

Amanda told the workshop that a majority of students who visit Kaleidoscope identify as “pansexual,” and she instructed teachers on how to introduce themselves using made-up pronouns.

“There is no such thing, really, as biological sex,” Amanda told teachers. “There is but it’s complicated.”   

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

According to Harvey, yet another lesson drummed into teachers during the workshops is “adultism,” meaning the idea that parents unfairly discriminate against youths because of their age.

The irony of lecturing teachers about “adultism” is that the impressionable and sexually-confused students identifying as “pansexual” were taught pronouns and gender terms by an adult.

Harvey sees a bigger threat looming if teachers can be bullied into submitting to the latest gender-affirming insanity.   

"This kind of overthrows all of civilization,” she warns, “since God created humans, that grownups are not supposed to guide and teach children."

According to Harvey’s detailed account of Amanda’s presentation, similar presentations have been held in her state at Ohio Virtual Academy, Parma Public Schools, and Columbus City Schools.