Grade school's new club chooses liar, murderer as namesake

Grade school's new club chooses liar, murderer as namesake

Grade school's new club chooses liar, murderer as namesake

Though it may sound like a joke, a Christian apologist says an elementary school in Moline, Illinois actually has an After School Satan Club.

"It is real," Dr. Frank Turek of CrossExamined.org recently assured American Family Radio. "They say they don't believe in the afterlife, they don't believe in the supernatural, they don't even believe in Satan, but they call themselves the After School Satan Club."

Turek, Frank (Christian apologist) Turek

The club is touted as an alternative to the Good News Club, a Christian gathering run by evangelical organizations that offer Bible and faith lessons.

"We offer an alternative club to religious indoctrination programs across the nation," June Everett, campaign director for After School Satan Club, wrote in an email to USA Today. "[The clubs are] not a religious indoctrination program, nor do we teach about religion or offer religious opinions. After School Satan Club is NOT sponsored by the school or the school district."

Though the school district tells TV station KWQC that it does not discriminate against any groups, Turek has his doubts. He wonders how an after-school Nazi or KKK club would go over at Jane Addams Elementary School.

Turek also points out that Scripture says Satan is, among other things, a liar and a murderer.

Pritchard, Dr. Ray (Keep Believing Ministries) Pritchard

"That's what Jesus says," he reiterates. "We have a club who, even though they say they don't believe in Satan, is using the name who Jesus describes as a liar and a murderer to actually be a club for elementary school kids."

Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries thinks this is a good opportunity for Christians and churches in the area to be witness.

"I'm hoping … we're going to see Good News Clubs have the biggest attendance of students they've ever had," says Pritchard.