Study: U.S. campuses infected with anti-Semitic 'inclusion delusion'

Study: U.S. campuses infected with anti-Semitic 'inclusion delusion'

Study: U.S. campuses infected with anti-Semitic 'inclusion delusion'

A shocking report released in early December reveals that almost all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officers – so common on today's campuses – hold anti-Israel views.

The report is entitled "Inclusion Delusion: The Antisemitism of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff at Universities." Co-authored by Dr. Jay Greene of The Heritage Foundation and James Paul of the Educational Freedom Institute, the report found that DEI officials and their staffs use social media to vilify Israel and Jews.

Greene tells AFN that the vast majority (96%) of the DEI tweets included in the study were critical of Israel while 62% were favorable toward Communist China. "[Our research] reveals an unguarded preference for a communist-run state and hostility toward a Jewish-run state," he summarizes.

According to the report, the average university in America employs 45 people to promote DEI – and ostensibly to create more tolerant and welcoming environments for students from all backgrounds. Instead, says Greene, the schools are becoming increasingly radical because of DEI officials.

Greene, Dr. Jay (Heritage Foundation) Greene

"An activist minority group of students and faculty are using the staff of the diversity, equity and inclusion people to articulate and enforce a political orthodoxy on campus," he explains. "So, that's really their role – they're political activists."

The Heritage senior research fellow told The Washington Free Beacon that this hostility being expressed toward Israel and Jews grows out of an ideology in which all issues are viewed through the lens of "oppressor vs. oppressed."

"Then, it's a question of which groups belong in the 'oppressor' category and which belong in the 'oppressed,'" he continued – adding that Jews "inevitably" are placed in the oppressor group, which then justifies their harsh treatment.

But Greene says the good news is DEI cannot forever control the intellectual life on campus. He predicts they will eventually lose favor, lose funding, and no longer be found on campuses.