Objective: Introducing greatness to children

Objective: Introducing greatness to children

Objective: Introducing greatness to children

Despite a brief derailment just before Christmas, a series of new books is back online aiming to teach children about conservative thinkers and other pro-family advocates.

The "Heroes of Liberty" books currently focus on people including President Ronald Reagan, economist Thomas Sowell, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Talking about the books Tuesday on The Todd Starnes Show, editor Bethany Mandel pointed out that 27 books on the market involve the late-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – but only this one on Justice Barrett.

"The Amy Coney Barrett book is wonderful because it sends the message, especially to young girls, that you can be anything you want, which is what every children's book on the market now says," added Mandel. "I can say that with certainty because I have an eight-year-old girl myself – but our book is unique because it also says you can have a family and also you can have a big family.

Mandel, Bethany (book editor) Mandel

A book on actor John Wayne is set for release in February.

"There has been a sort of demonization about manhood and honor and all the right ways to raise a young man … so we wanted to sort of highlight John Wayne because he is what we used to understand men should be and how they should behave," said Mandel.

A subscription model is in the works. Future titles will focus on Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and UK Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

"Mark Twain is another one," said Mandel. "We really want to introduce our kids to these heroes who they may not be familiar with otherwise."

Facebook made headlines just before Christmas for shutting down ads for the Heroes of Liberty books. The ads have since been reinstated. Although she never heard directly from the social media platform, Mandel suggested in an interview with Fox News that liberal Facebook users may have been "triggered" by conservative advertising.