Illinois busted for planning CRT course for math and science students

Illinois busted for planning CRT course for math and science students

Illinois busted for planning CRT course for math and science students

Dishonest defenders of Critical Race Theory routinely lie about what it teaches and where it is taught, and now an Illinois-based conservative activist is calling out a math and science academy for subjecting high schoolers to a multi-day course of CRT propaganda.

Laurie Higgins, of the Illinois Family Institute, writes in detail about the “Introduction to Critical Race Theory” that is planned for students who attend Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. A summary of the three-day course describes an introduction to CRT “tenets” on the first day. Students will break into small-group discussions on the second day to discuss its “concepts,” and on the third day students will use the first two days to design “research questions” and “research methods” using CRT as a “theoretical framework.”

The high school course exposed by Higgins is especially damning since apologists of CRT routinely claim the academic theory --- which some insist is some right-wing fantasy --- is not taught to impressionable children. CRT apologists routinely lie about that fact because, when parents find out, they learn their children are being instructed in a Marxist-like environment of bullying and shame to become "woke" and acknowledge they are racists.

"When people say it is never taught in public schools,” Higgins tells American Family News, “here is Exhibit A providing evidence that it is indeed being taught.”

Critical Race Theory, an idea hatched by black legal scholars, suggests that America is a racist society dominated by racist whites who use their white-dominated power to maintain power over minorities. CRT is a tenet of Critical Theory, a class-based academic theory which makes the same claims of power and injustice about the wealthy. Both theories can be traced from legal scholars in the 1970s to Marxist academics of the 1920s who dreamed of stirring up the underclass to launch a revolution.

Buzzwords such as “white privilege” and "equity" and "oppressor” and “colonialism” are routinely mentioned in CRT discussions, where those who sit through the course are told a "color-blind" society is not possible in a society where whites hold the power. 

Among the key figures from the movement is writer Antonio Gramsci, a Italian academic jailed for being a Communist. His idea of “Cultural Hegemony” envisioned Marxism spreading through a capitalist society in academia, media, politics, religion, and the law.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

Yet the roots of Critical Race Theory and Critical Theory are routinely covered up by Leftist activists and the media. When a parent or teacher uncovers CRT in a classroom, CRT apologists claims students are learning about Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement. Only racists oppose such grim history lessons, they also claim, which is why people oppose it.

In the Illinois public schools, subjecting gifted math and science students to CRT propaganda is especially revealing since the theory suggests even mathematics is rooted in racism, a claim the state of California is grappling with now.

Higgins reports the CRT course presenter, Thandeka Chapman, from the University of San Diego, calls herself a "Black Power Baby" who was raised by "activist" parents. 

"Conversations about race and racism were regular dinner topics while I was growing up," Chapman told the Yankelovich Center at the USD. 

“They make their bread and butter on fostering racial division,” Higgins warns, “and then saying, Oh, but my course can solve it. When, in reality, their course only exacerbates racial division where it wasn't.”

Similarly, stirring up the population over imaginary wrongs was the bread and butter of Gramsci and his comrades, and the bloody 20st century showed that in some places it took root.