TX parents demand punishment after left-wing activist incites mob

TX parents demand punishment after left-wing activist incites mob

TX parents demand punishment after left-wing activist incites mob

Parents in yet another public school district are reporting another incident of Marxist-like tactics to identify, harass, and punish wrong-thinking enemies, this time in the “red” state of Texas.

Following on the heels of an Arizona incident, a left-wing activist affiliated with the Fort Worth Independent School District published the names and private information of four citizens and urged others to harass them, Fox News reported. That tactic is known as doxing.

Doxing is sort of the 21st century version of a harassing phone call but a more potent one, since private information is shared with an online mob of like-minded people in order to identify, isolate, and intimidate the intended target. In the case of the Fort Worth doxing, the wrong-thinking citizens angered a mob because they are suing to stop a mask-wearing policy and because they oppose the school district’s race-based school lessons associated with Critical Race Theory and its tenets about white privilege and white supremacy.

In Arizona, in a nearly-identical incident, a school board president is accused of collecting a dossier-type document on more than 40 people, most of them parents, who had appeared at school board meetings to oppose COVID-19 restrictions and race-based lessons. The extensive information has been dubbed the “Greenburg Files” in reference to school board president Jann-Michael Greenburg.

Kerri Rehmeyer, one of the four doxed Fort Worth residents, told Fox News she is being harassed by an online mob on Facebook and Twitter that was stirred up by an activist named Norma Garcia-Lopez, who is co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee for Fort Worth schools. In a key post, the activist accused Reymeyer and three others of benefitting from “White Privilege” in the Fort Worth suburbs known as Tanglewood.   

“It's astounding what the ‘White Privilege’ power from Tanglewood has vs a whole diverse community that cares for the well being of others," Garcia-Lopez wrote. "These are their names: Jennifer Treger, Todd Daniel, Kerri Rehmeyer and a coward Jane Doe. Internet do your thang."

Garcia-Lopez also serves on the school district’s vital redistricting committee that redraws school board boundary lines to reflect population numbers.  

According to the Fox News story, Garcia-Lopez doxed the four people after a judge granted an injunction to stop the mask mandate. She published phone numbers, addresses, employers, and work emails in the online post that was supposed to be private but was uncovered by Reymeyer and others. 

It is unclear if Forth Worth public schools has taken any action against its own left-wing activist but a Texas-based website, Texas Scorecard, reports the doxed parents were advised by school board member Anne Darr to present their evidence to the entire school board. It appears they did so last month.

Reacting to the doxing incident in Fort Worth, talk show host Jeff Crank says the Left is becoming more unhinged in its effort not only to defeat its enemies but to silence them through intimidation. It is likely, he adds, that doxing is illegal in Texas.

“This person ought to be prosecuted for it,” he says of Garcia-Lopez.

According to the Texas Scoreboard story, Garcia-Lopez is known for making disparaging remarks about fellow Hispanics whose political views are conservative. She calls them “vendidos,” or traitors, to their Hispanic race.