YAF thwarts attempt to erase history

YAF thwarts attempt to erase history

YAF thwarts attempt to erase history

An organization committed to ensuring that young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom and traditional values is drawing attention to a recent event at a New York university where students called for Thanksgiving to be erased.

The Buffalo University Intercultural and Diversity Center held an event last week claiming that Thanksgiving celebrates the massacre of indigenous communities. But Young America's Foundation (YAF) spokesperson Kara Zupkus says the YAF campus chapter's quiet protest outside the event made a difference.

Zupkus, Kara (YAF) Zupkus

"We were able to educate students as they were essentially walking in to attend that event that they're not getting the full picture," Zupkus relays. "Again, it's the left trying to advance those divisive talking points and trying to erase American history."

She says the university tried to distance itself by stating the event was a student-led forum meant to examine the history of the holiday, not erase it.

"Obviously, it's in direct conflict with the event description on the university website, which said, 'How can we go about erasing this whitewashed history for good,'" Zupkus cites. "So really, the university was trying to save face."

The anti-Thanksgiving presentation was immediately followed by another event titled "Native American Gender Identities."