Parents aren't the problem

Parents aren't the problem

Parents aren't the problem

While a school board association seeks protection from parents who are concerned about things like the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for schools, mask rules, LGBT policies, and critical race theory, a writer for an organization that aims to advance God's design in culture says the parents aren't the problem.

On the heels of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sending a letter to President Biden, the California School Boards Association (CSBA) has asked Governor Gavin Newsom for protection.

With similar language to the NSBA letter, the CSBA essentially accuses parents of endangering school trustees, school employees, and members of the public at school board meetings.

Vernon Billy, the CEO of the California Board, says board members are "increasingly witnessing active attempts to undermine the democratic process through intimidation, threats, and violence." The letter continues:

"This is unacceptable not only because of the danger it poses to school trustees, school employees, and members of the public at school board meetings, but also because it prevents these elected officials from performing the public’s business at a time when it has never been more critical …. The hostile climate at local board meetings and the reluctance of select law enforcement agencies to fulfill their duties have placed school trustees in unprecedented danger."

Keller, Jonathan (Calif. Family Council) Keller

But Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council says if anyone is guilty of intimidation, it is the school board.

"The California School Boards Association is falling into the same folly as the National School Boards," he submits. "They are really trying to intimidate and silence parents who have every right to be concerned about their children's education."

Additionally, Keller does not think the board accusing law enforcement of not doing its job is helping matters.

"Law enforcement are helpful partners," he asserts. "They should not be demonized. They should be invited in to help to monitor the situation and to take care of preserving law and order for all sides, not being wielded as a political weapon."

He says parents are too often treated as the problem rather than as citizens exercising their constitutional rights.