'Cooler heads' prevail, undo CRT propaganda

'Cooler heads' prevail, undo CRT propaganda

'Cooler heads' prevail, undo CRT propaganda

A former advertising executive who became a Christian after years of being "part of the problem" is pleased to see that the Ohio State Board of Education has toned down a controversial resolution it passed last year.

The original resolution was hotly debated before being passed last year in the wake of the George Floyd shooting in Minneapolis. Linda Harvey of Mission: America says many Ohioans complained that the first resolution was framed in critical race theory.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"The good news is that much cooler heads are prevailing and that people are walking that back," she tells American Family News.

One of the most objectionable aspects of last year's resolution called for Ohio's educators to undergo "implicit bias" training constructed from a racial audit of schools in the district.

"That's an open door for the people who have the power to conduct that audit to find whatever they want to find," Harvey notes.

According to NBC4, the new resolution seeks to promote excellence for all K-12 students with no prejudice or respect for race or ethnicity.

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