Pro-life student group denounced as 'danger' to campus

Pro-life student group denounced as 'danger' to campus

Pro-life student group denounced as 'danger' to campus

A pro-life organization won the right to be officially recognized at an Ohio university last year only to be called dangerous for holding life-affirming views.

An editorial published in the Observer, the student newspaper at Case Western Reserve University, describes pro-life group Case for Life as a “danger to the study body” for demonstrating against abortion.

Case Western, located in Cleveland, is home to approximately 12,000 students on a campus which boasts numerous Nobel laureates among its faculty and alumni but where the university mirrors many other far-left campuses where unwelcome pro-lifers are denounced, harassed, and even assaulted by fellow students.

Matt Lamb, a former pro-life leader now at The College Fix, tells American Family News he isn't sure why Observer seems fixated on having Case for Life defunded.

“Obviously abortion is a topic that a lot of people have strong opinions on,” he says. “All this pro-life group wants to do is just talk about how abortion kills a human life. That's perfectly within their right to do so."

The newspaper editorial also criticized the university itself for allowing the pro-life group to operate. Thus the school now represents an attack on “reproductive rights," the newspaper claimed. 

"I think pro-life groups benefit the college campus,” Lamb counters, "because they're going to provide important information about pregnancy and abortion, and help women choose life."