Atheist now in charge of school's 'spiritual environment'

Atheist now in charge of school's 'spiritual environment'

Atheist now in charge of school's 'spiritual environment'

A conservative writer who seeks to help Christians and Christian leaders apply the teachings of the Bible to difficult moral questions says Harvard University is rightfully under fire for allowing an atheist to head its team of 40 chaplains.

Closson, David (FRC) Closson

David Closson, director of the Family Research Council's (FRC) Center for Biblical Worldview, finds it ironic that the chaplains at a university that was founded in 1636 with the primary intent of training Christian ministers would elect humanist Greg Epstein to the post.

"[Harvard] has now wandered so far from the founding intention of those who founded the school that they're electing an atheist as a chaplain in charge of the spiritual environment on campus," Closson comments.

He wonders what the other chaplains, representing just about every faith and religion, were thinking when they chose Epstein.

"It does raise questions," Closson continues. "Why would the Lutheran or the Baptist or the Presbyterian chaplains think this was a good idea? And it makes you think that even those chaplains who are tasked with the more traditional Christian denominations are not thinking very deeply about this."

Breitbart reports that some students who seek out Epstein for answers end up leaving their traditional faiths. He is author of a New York Times bestseller: "Good Without God" -- and has been described by the New York Times Magazine as a "godfather to the [humanist] movement."