PP still has footing in middle school

PP still has footing in middle school

Image credit: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

PP still has footing in middle school

A teacher in Tacoma, Washington is in hot water for taking what the founder of a Christian pro-family organization says was a "deliberate opportunity" to tell her class of eighth graders how to obtain sexual devices and abortions without parental permission.

Blaze Media reports the Stewart Middle School teacher handed out the Planned Parenthood flyer, which she reportedly found in a binder of curriculum materials from a previous year, during a science class.

Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, is skeptical.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"You have to believe that there's a good possibility that this was a deliberate opportunity that this teacher took to try to empower children to go around their parents and enter into adult-level sexual behavior that can, in many, many cases, ruin a child's life," Harvey submits.

She explains the flyer informed children how to obtain prophylactics, Plan B pills, abortions, and more.

"Planned Parenthood instructors, if parents didn't know before, have been in this school before, this middle school," Harvey notes. "They have no business addressing middle school children, and this flyer tells us exactly why."

Without elaborating, a school spokesman says "corrective action" was taken with regard to the teacher.