Education isn't a priority for the NEA

Education isn't a priority for the NEA

Education isn't a priority for the NEA

A senior fellow and former journalist says an anti-Western agenda is behind the National Education Association's (NEA) debate over a resolution aimed at boycotting Israel and recognizing a Palestinian state at its recent annual meeting.

The NEA’s "New Business Item #29," which was defeated 77% to 23%reads as follows:

The NEA will publicize its support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and call on the United States government to stop arming and supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia. The NEA will further publicize its support for refugee status for the millions of people across the region who are forced to move and seek refuge for themselves and their families because of the ongoing conflict and repression.

The other resolution, NBI 51, called for the NEA to "use existing digital communication tools to educate members and the general public about the history, culture, and struggles of Palestinians." (The meeting adjourned before this item came to a vote.)

Gonazlez, Mike (Heritage) Gonazlez

The NEA and many other teachers' unions across the country have come out against Israel and against Jews themselves.

"The answer lies, I think, in that the radicals within the NEA have what I believe is an anti-Western agenda and therefore will align themselves with a Muslim fundamentalist," Mike Gonzales of The Heritage Foundation offers as the reason for the blatant anti-Semitism.

The Free Beacon quotes Nicole Neily of Parents Defending Education as saying the education of students is not an NEA priority. Gonzales fully agrees with that.

"The time for school choice is now," he insists. "I think you're going to see a lot more support and a lot more energy behind the idea that our children need to be free from this (sic) people."