Buckeye State GOP responds to CRT

Buckeye State GOP responds to CRT

Buckeye State GOP responds to CRT

Ohio Republicans have introduced legislation that would ban the teaching of critical race theory from the state's public schools, according to NationalReview.com.

Critical race theory (CRT) teaches that white people are inherently "racist" and "privileged" and that they oppress minorities and people of color. And as a civil war unfolds in two Virginia public school districts over instructing students that they are either oppressed or the oppressors -- something the far-left demands must be taught more because "equity" and "inclusion" demand it and the state requires it, Linda Harvey of Mission America, located in Columbus, Ohio, says this Marxist-based ideology has angered and motivated parents like she has never before witnessed.

"I have never seen grassroots parents in the public school systems so emboldened and empowered and motivated to show up at board meetings in great numbers and to be very well prepared," she tells One News Now.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

Ohio's bill has 34 Republican cosponsors and therefore has a good chance of passing. The governor, however, could pose a problem.

"Whether Mike DeWine (R), who tends to lean liberal, will sign it is going to be another question," Harvey notes. "There will be enormous pressure put on him to not sign it; I think he ultimately will."

Meanwhile in Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) just signed a bill banning CRT from The Hawkeye State's public schools.