Parents have had enough

Parents have had enough

Parents have had enough

Family advocates are pleased to see that voters in Texas recently utilized an election to purge public education of left-leaning ideology and that a Wyoming school district has decided to postpone a controversial "Student Climate Survey" after parents voiced their concerns.

Nathan Winters, executive director of the Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, says the survey is promoted by liberal, leftist groups and that it is difficult for parents to see it ahead of time to approve it.

Winters, Nathan (Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming) Winters

"They did provide a link for parents to consent to this, but the link was buried in such a way that it was very difficult to find it, number one," Winters reports. "And number two, it was available only briefly and several weeks ahead of the climate survey. So, the process was not adequate."

He says this is part of the district's plan to adopt the critical race theory (CRT) and to inculcate students with LGBTQ ideology as well.

One of the ways they do that [is] they know that if they push that directly onto the student, there would be a lot of scrutiny that would come," Winters submits. "So, now what they're doing is trying to train teachers and trying to push the ideology on teachers."

The family advocate tells One News Now parents will now have a chance to opt their children out if they so choose after seeing the survey questions.

Meanwhile, voters in the Dallas suburb of Southlake recently voted officials out of city and county offices to prevent education from being politically shifted to the left.

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

Voters gave officials who supported the Marxist critical race theory the boot in a recent election, according to The Daily Signal. Jonathan Covey of Texas Values reports that from the mayor's race down to the school board and city council, few were spared.

"That's how you address these kind of issues with elected officials," Covey asserts.

The Daily Signal's Jarrett Stepman writes that this election shows leftist ideology can be stopped at the local level. Covey says it is time to rebuild institutions with a dedication to traditional values.

"They should orient public policy towards rebuilding the institutions of family and of work and of education -- all of which have been proven to lift Texans up and bring people together," the Texas Values spokesman submits. "I think that's what these voters wanted to see."

The push to implement CRT began in the Carroll Independent School District in earnest in 2018, according to The Signal.