Islamic immigration's threatening the West

Islamic immigration's threatening the West

Islamic immigration's threatening the West

A terrorism expert says Western countries don't seem to understand that Muslims don't share their values.

In Sweden, for example, scholar Göran Adamson says spiraling gun crime, marauding Islamic gangs, and fascist violence have transformed the once peaceful Scandinavian country into Europe's crime capital, and he believes it is on the "brink of civil war."

Brigitte Gabriel is founder and president of ACT for America, the nation's "premier nonprofit grassroots movement" that empowers citizens and educates elected officials to impact public policy and keep America safe from all foreign and domestic threats. She is not surprised that Adamson attributes his country's problem to Islamic immigration.

Gabriel, Brigitte (ACT for America) Gabriel

"It's letting people in who don't share your values," she summarizes. "That's the problem with importing a large number of Muslim immigrants who did not necessarily come to the West to become a part of the West. They came, and they brought their values with them, and they are trying now to turn the West into the countries that they left."

She points out that people – especially women – live in fear in those countries.

"In Sweden, in Norway, and all these countries that accepted large blocs of Muslim refugees, the girls now are dying their hair black to blend in because of all the rape, because of the fear," Gabriel reports. "The girls are wearing hijab so they are not kidnapped and raped on the streets."

Gabriel, a Christian who grew up in Lebanon and refers to herself as "a survivor of Islamic terror," points out that not all Arab immigrants are a problem.

"Obviously there is no problem with the Christian Arabs who immigrated to these countries, because they share the same values," she asserts. "It's not about color; it's about values. It's about character."

Fortunately, there is beginning to be more pushback against what she has called "Islamofascism."