State lawmakers honor humble servant Don Wildmon

State lawmakers honor humble servant Don Wildmon

State lawmakers honor humble servant Don Wildmon

The House of Representatives of the State of Mississippi passed a resolution last week honoring the life and legacy of a native son who became a Methodist pastor – and went on to impact an entire nation.

Don Wildmon (Jan. 18, 1938 - Dec. 28, 2023)

The Mississippi House passed Resolution 125 last Thursday, mourning the loss and honoring the life and legacy of American Family Association founder Rev. Don Wildmon, who passed away in late December at the age of 85. AFN spoke with State Representative Donnie Bell, the author of the resolution.

"The life and legacy of Mr. Wildmon was pretty special for Mississippi," he shares, "but not only Mississippi, but for the whole U.S. And [because of] what American Family Association and American Family Radio, which he founded, means to our country and to our state, it was well worth the recognition."

The resolution lists 33 findings (or 'whereases'), including the first one, which states:

"On December 28, 2023, the immaculate Author and Finisher of our soul's destiny summoned the mortal presence of dearly beloved, Reverend Donald Ellis Wildmon … to eternal rest with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, rendering great sorrow and loss to his family, friends, and to the great Magnolia State."

The resolution documents a litany of Rev. Wildmon's accomplishments, and recognizes his widow, Lynda, as well as all his surviving children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren by name – among them AFA Vice President Walker Wildmon.

Wildmon, Walker (AFA VP operations) Wildmon

"This resolution is going to go down as one more example and one more item that we can memorialize and remember my grandfather, Don Wildmon, and just the legacy that he left – and really, the generational impact that's still being felt today," he tells AFN.

Walker Wildmon expresses that the entire Wildmon family was pleased and honored by the resolution.

"And it's just so important … not to forget how we got here and who helped found this ministry, which is my grandfather Don Wildmon," he says. "So, this resolution is very important – and the family is very appreciative."

The resolution can be read in its entirety here.

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