'Pioneer among Christian women' graduates to glory

'Pioneer among Christian women' graduates to glory

'Pioneer among Christian women' graduates to glory

America has lost a conservative powerhouse and prominent pro-life leader.

Beverly LaHaye, 94, died on Sunday, April 14. She was born in Detroit at a time when many women were homemakers, raising their children, while some certainly were in the workplace. She was the founder of the Christian advocacy organization Concerned Women for America, which to this day provides a platform to advance conservative values in politics and public policy and champions the voices of women who push back against the left-leaning feminist agenda.

Sandy Rios, host of the podcast Sandy Rios 24/7, remembers when LaHaye established Concerned Women for America.

"When Mrs. LaHaye started [CWA] in 1978, she awakened these women who had loved God, loved their families, and loved their country and wanted to do something – but had no idea how to do it. Mrs. LaHaye equipped and organized them to make an incredible impact," says Rios.

Often people ask to describe a person's legacy, but Rios tells AFN it should be a matter of expressing gratitude for a job well done.

Rios, Sandy Rios

"Mrs. LaHaye was a pioneer among women – and she was particularly a pioneer among Christian women," she shares. "I think that we'll never really know the impact she's had on the lives of women and on all of the evil that she fought back against through her organization and leadership. And for that we should be forever grateful."

She retired from her role as president of CWA in 2006, but continued to serve as chair of the ministry's board until 2020. She and her husband, author and pastor Tim LaHaye – who passed away in 2016 – were married for 69 years and had four children.

Concerned Women for America is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has chapters in many states.