In detailed warning, ex-Muslim warns 'Death to America' chant not just a cultural sing-along

In detailed warning, ex-Muslim warns 'Death to America' chant not just a cultural sing-along

A speaker identified as Tarek Bazzi speaks at an April 5 pro-Palestinian rally in Dearborn, Michigan, where a chant of "Death of America!" broke out. 

In detailed warning, ex-Muslim warns 'Death to America' chant not just a cultural sing-along

Chants for the "death of America" at a protest in Dearborn, Michigan are proof Muslims’ goal of world domination is not just propaganda, says a former Muslim.

Among the many people reacting to that controversy, Kamal Saleem would know since he once chanted alongside his Muslim brothers.

The former terrorist, born to a large Sunni Muslim family in the heart of the Middle East, now seeks to share Jesus Christ with Muslims through Koome Ministries.

Saleem, Kamal Saleem

“Number one, we need to understand that we are dealing with intifada," Saleem told the "Washington Watch" program. "Intifada is a process (of) jihad. Jihad is the cornerstone of Islam, meaning everything in Islam is based on jihad, so if it’s not in tune with jihad, it has no purpose." 

Saleem's warning came after an incident last week in Dearborn. A rally speaker, identified on social media as Tarek Bazzi, spoke to a crowd of fellow Muslims on Al-Quds day, the last day of Ramadan. During the speech, Bazzi called for death to Israel.

His audience agreed enthusiastically.

“When these fools ask us if Israel has the right to exist, the chant ‘Death to Israel' has become the most logical chant shouted across the world today,” Bazzi said.

After that statement, from the crowd came a chant of ‘Death to Israel!’ which morphed into chants of ‘Death to America!’

To assimilate is to reject Sharia 

Jihad, or a holy war waged on behalf of Islam, is very real, Saleem told show host Tony Perkins. Bazzi was acting out a Muslim Brotherhood agenda, established in 1917, with the goal of creating one Islamic world. 

That doesn’t happen, he explained, without Muslims acting in complete support of one another.

“Therefore, if it is Palestine that is being hit today, they must stand for Palestine," Saleem further explained. "And the only thing that is standing before them in order to destroy Israel is the United States of America who is the Great Satan to the Muslim people." 

Historically, many American immigrants have resisted assimilation into American culture. There are ethnic neighborhoods in most major U.S. cities, which preserves the heritage and customs of ancestors, but ex-Muslim Saleem said Muslims take rejection of American culture to another level.

“If they do not assimilate, then they can incorporate their Sharia into our system. They would like to rule by Sharia instead of being under our Constitution. If they were under the United States Constitution, they would not be rising up in Intifada which is rebelling against the United States of America,” Saleem said.

The next step, Saleem says, would be the creation of an Islamic state within the United States.

“Right now they are part of this jihadism, and they are trying to rally Muslims and all other affects," he said. " "Like they used Malcolm X, they used other things for the destruction of the United States of America (andare) calling right now for Islamic establishment, which is re-zoning the United States of America, which is a state within a state.”

A warning about Stage No. 6

A year ago, Minneapolis became the first major U.S. city to allow “adhan,” the Muslim call to prayer, to ring out through the city from its mosques five times a day.

The Council on American Islamic Relations in Minnesota hailed the “historic victory for religious freedom and pluralism for our entire nation.”

Broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer in the U.S. goes back far more than a single year, however. Residents of Hamtramck, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, began hearing the call less than three years after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Death chants for America from within America show the plan is in its latter innings, Saleem said.

“Now they are on stage No. 6. Stage No. 6 is to fulfil their plan in the United States of America to establish one Islamic world,” Saleem said.

The advance of Islam means the demise of Christianity, Southern Baptist Seminary President Al Mohler told Perkins. The two cannot exist side by side.

“The reality is Islam is making a very serious straightforward theological claim. The only answer to that has to be equally theological, frankly,” Mohler said.

But the U.S. – and not the U.S. alone – appears unwilling and ill-equipped to recognize a faith discussion.

“A famous German jurist said years ago that Western Civilization had a Christian inheritance and is just spending it down fast. It spends it down slowly, by the way, and then fast, and that’s what we’re seeing right now,” Mohler said.

Mohler: Secular left fears Islam 

Mohler said the Dearborn protest should be seen as a “wake-up call” in America.

“Even as there are people who want to suggest this is just the accusation coming from the Right, there you have it from the lips of people who are supporting Hamas, right here in the United States," he warned. "We need to take them at their word.”

Mohler, Dr. R. Albert Mohler (SBTS) Mohler

Mohler referenced comments by British scientist Richard Dawkins last week in which the famous atheist lamented the demise of Christian culture – not Christian teachings – in his homeland.

Dawkins, 83, went so far as to identify himself as a “cultural Christian.”

“Richard Dawkins is very concerned about Islam, he’s very scared of Islam. He wants some kind of Christian culture to counter Islam, but you know what? Islam comes to us with incontrovertible theological claims. It’s absolute insanity to think the West can answer theological Islam with cultural Christianity. That’s just as stupid as it could be,” Mohler said.

“The intellectual elites, they just can’t acknowledge that something is genuinely theological. You look at the talking head television shows on cable, especially on the Left, what they will do is they’ll bring in a Muslim specialist to talk about Islam, but it’s always someone who’s so liberal within Islam. They couldn’t dare go to Saudi Arabia or Dubai, much less Iran. They’d be arrested and worse,” he said.